In celebration of Taste Washington Wine Month this March, we are launching a 31-day campaign across all of our social media channels that brings the energy, voices, and history of Washington wine to life.

Below is an abbreviated list of the facts we'll be sharing over the course of the month, so make sure to follow along on Instagram at @wa_state_wine, as these facts & stats will be told through the voices of our winemakers and grape growers, Master Sommeliers, and consumers who have visited Washington State for the first time. What do we hope to convey? This is what we look like, this is what we sound like, come get a taste for yourself.

Of the "31 Things You Might Not Know About Washington Wine," here are the first 10. To see all the others, make sure to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!

  1. In 2000, we had 74 wineries. Now? 1,010. That's a 1,364% increase.
  2. Washington is the 2nd largest premium producer of wine in the United States. California is the 1st.
  3. In 2019, Seattle was named a Top 10 Wine Tourist Destination in the world. Though there are more vineyards on the eastern side of the state, it is the tourism part that crowned Seattle with this accolade.
  4. Washington welcomes 2,641,800 wine visitors per year.
  5. We have an average of 16 hours of summer sunlight per day, which is 1 hour more than California's prime growing regions.
  6. There is an average of 35-38 inches of rain in Western Washington, but an average of only 6-8 in Eastern Washington.
  7. Of the wine we produce, roughly 59% is red wine and 41% white wine.
  8. Four new wineries open every month in Washington State.
  9. 80% of our wineries are small independent wineries, producing under 5,000 cases.
  10. Washington wine is sold in more than 100 countries around the world.

But that's not all. We're also introducing a new interview series, Sitting With Somms, that features emerging and establish local sommeliers, and unveiling a new video series, AVA'tion, which says: here is what we look like, here is what we sound like, come get a taste for yourself.

It's our hope that this 31-day campaign will bring our grape state to life for you, and also give you some ideas for where to take your next road trip this spring, summer, and fall. There is no better time to make that trip you've always wanted to, but don't wait until then: on March 19-22, over 240 Washington wineries are coming to Seattle for Taste Washington, which is one of the largest food & wine festivals in the country.