On Wednesday, March 25, 2020, Washington Wine launched a new digital campaign, "#SipGlocal: Message in a (Wine) Bottle," in an effort to close the social distance between communities near and far.

What is glocal, and is it a real word? It is, and it is a noun that means: reflecting or characterized by both local and global considerations.

Because this — the COVID-19 pandemic —is bigger than any one body, any one industry, any one state, and any one country. As the distance between us continues to increase, we need to find new ways to forge connection, conversation, and community. It’s the first time the whole world has been aching at once by the same thing.

The goal of this #SipGlocal movement is to close the social distance(ing), rally with & around wine, and inspire others near and far to support whatever local means to them. The energy out here is so supportive, and we want to share that and be a steward for change for other industries and regions, and a digital, handwritten-letter movement felt appropriate for the times.

How to partake?

Step 1: Wine. Uncork that beautifully-aged bottle you've been waiting to enjoy, or grab the one that is closest to you at this very moment. While you sip, go to your happy place: a field of dachshunds, in front of a fireplace, or across the table from a special smile over a five-course meal.

Step 2: Letter. Once your spirits are high (and full), write a message. About what? Where you're at. How you're holding up. What's keeping you going. Who's inspiring you. What you're doing to sip local, support your local restaurants, and be there for others. Note: feel totally free to write this note the next morning over a strong cup of coffee.

Step 3: Pictures. Channel your inner artist and take some pictures. Of the letter. With it next to the wine bottle. Be artsy. Once you got your shots, curl that letter up, toss a rubber band around it, drop your message in the bottle. Keep it somewhere special. Consider this a time capsule or sorts, or should we say wine capsule?

Step 4: Post. Together, we can close the distance. Post your pictures to Instagram and tag someone in the caption who you think could use the thoughts and support. We all need to be cheered up in different ways, so give them a digital cheers and encourage them to open up a bottle of #WAwine, and write their own "message in a wine bottle."

When you post, make sure to:

  • Tag @wa_state_wine, as well as @SipGlocal, to be featured on our channels.
  • Use the hashtag #SipGlocal, and spread the love.
  • Text your taste buds and encourage them to do this as well.
  • Send or share this article on social media, by email, snail-mail, or however you prefer to send things.

We'll get through this the same way we got here: together. One sip at a time.