Despite being the hottest growing season to date and facing many other challenges, Washington winemakers still produced 2015 vintages you should seek out.

The 2015 vintage was a challenging year for Washington State. It was the hottest growing season on record—a step up from the hot 2013 vintage and even hotter 2014.

The early ripening Merlot seemed to be particularly hard hit by the vintage, though high-quality examples still shined through, with examples from producers such as Pedestal and ­Savage Grace.

The challenges of 2015 are by no means a reason to step away from the vintage.

Warmer regions, like Red Mountain, also seemed to be more affected, but again, a number of wines from this appellation threaded the needle and were able to deliver examples with impeccable balance.

The challenges of 2015 are by no means a reason to step away from the vintage. In fact, the best examples from this season are as high quality as previous years. However, these wines are the exception, and unfortunately, with the lack of consistency between varieties and areas, there are no hard and fast rules to follow.

Bottom line: for a region typically marked by consistent high quality nearly regardless of vintage, 2015 saw wider fluctuations in quality across the board than the norm. For savvy shoppers, there are still plenty of rewards to reap. However, it is a good year to be a bit more discriminating when it comes to the state’s offerings.

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