This is a statewide rallying cry. It’s a call to Washingtonians to support their state in the easiest (and most delicious) way possible: Raise a glass and make a difference.

We made this for you, our #WAwine fans, and every Washingtonian: a statewide campaign that celebrates and supports your local wineries, favorite restaurants, small businesses, and communities. Here’s and cheers to you, our best “sip-porting” actors. We’re asking you to Drink. For WA. The wine the world is talking about is farmed and made by families right here. In our backyards. Next door. Down the street. Over the mountains. Sip a Cab or chill with Rosé. Share a world-class Syrah with a friend and a meal. You’re going to eat. And you will get thirsty. So pick up a bottle or order a glass. Just make sure whatever you drink comes from your neighbors here in Washington State. And whatever you eat is from here, too. Because if there's one thing we know: #WAwine goes best with #WAdine. So raise a glass. Support your local wineries. And Drink. Eat. Stay. For Washington. And, as always, please do so responsibly (respon-sip-ly?).

Support your local wineries and farmers. And Drink. For Washington.

  • Visit your favorite Washington winery
  • Buy Washington wine online directly from the winery
  • Join a wine club
  • Buy a giftcard
  • Buy Washington wine at a local restaurant
  • Buy Washington wine at your favorite retailer
  • Share your Washington wine moments on social

Your favorite winery is doing its part to keep you safely - sipping.

Remember, that if your county has not moved into Phase 2, or if you do not feel comfortable venturing out yet – wineries are still open virtually. You can continue to support your local wineries by purchasing wine for delivery or pickup.

This new reopening campaign encourages people to not only drink in support of wineries and growers in Washington, but eat, stay, and play in support of local businesses as well. Grab a fork. Raise a glass. Book a room. Play a round. Make a difference. 

Want to join in? Add a Facebook filter to your profile picture:

  1. Head to your personal profile page.
  2. Click the camera icon on the bottom right of your profile photo.
  3. In the pop-up window click "add frame" in the top right. 
  4. Search "Drink For WA" in the search bar on the top left. 
  5. Select the “Drink For WA” frame. It should be the topmost frame to select from. 
  6. Write a post description in the top right and be sure to hashtag #DrinkForWA. 
  7. Push "Use as Profile Picture" in the bottom right corner to publish.

Thank you for supporting #WAwine!