“There is this preconceived notion that sommeliers are going to come and school you,  way oversell you, or pressure you into spending money that you didn't want to spend or make you feel like bad or something, at least that's the anxiety. And I think that it's founded and fair. I think part of the joy for me of providing guests with excellent service is that I feel like I'm blowing that up and that they're so pleasantly surprised by the fact that I really just want them to be happy. My whole goal is to enhance their experience and tie it all in with the atmosphere, who they're dining with, the food that they have, what season it is, what the weather is like…”

Alexandra was born and raised in Seattle. Just this year, she was named the 2020 Seattle Rising Star Sommelier from @starchefs, and is the Beverage Director for @hitchcockrestaurant. She’s an Advanced Sommelier with the @mastersommeliers_americas, and knows her way around the world of spirits, as well as wine. Join us here as Alexandra talks wooden faces, the bounty of the PNW, blowing up preconceived notions about somms, and her ah-ha moment when she slurped back oysters and champagne as a broke college student in France. 🍷🍷🍷.

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