"I do believe that you're a direct result of the people that you get in contact with. I think sometimes we don't really understand that. And every single thing that I've done in my life happened to be with people that had some sort of state of mind to be an entrepreneur."

We’re so excited to launch Episode 6 of #Sommlight, featuring AUGUSTO FERRARESE (@augustoferrarese), who was born in the historic city of Verona, Italy. 🎙🎙🎙.
A gastronome from the start, Augusto spent his summers making wine under his grandfather’s supervision on their family farm and his weekends honing classic Italian cooking preparations at a neighborhood pizzeria. He became a restaurateur at age 22, and has been the Corporate Wine Director for Urban Kitchen Group for the last 8 years. Here, we talk all things somm life, but we also get to know how Augusto likes his eggs, and why he prefers his water hot. 🥳🥳🥳.
Welcome to #Sommlight, our convo series that sits down with top wine pros from around the country and gets to know what makes them feel most alive. 💡💡💡

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