Madeline Puckette, Co-Creator,, Woodinville, WA

Madeline Puckette on bullet journaling, domesticating crows, rebuilding a first-gen Eclipse GSX Mitsubishi, and unworking the world of wine.

Madeline Puckette is the chief design officer at Folly Enterprises and co-creator of With a degree in music and art from CalArts, she founded Wine Folly, an award-winning media site dedicated to consumer wine education. Puckette’s work with Wine Folly includes the creation of 2 books including a New York Times bestseller and a James Beard Award winner, as well as a portfolio of products including maps, prints, and wine educational tools. Additionally, she was awarded Wine Communicator of the Year by the International Wine and Spirit Competition. And her latest project is a wine management tool called Global Wine Database.

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