Washington wineries are working around the clock to make your hours happy.

Right now, many local wineries are offering discounts and deals, from online orders to curbside pick-up, special releases from their cellars to donating portions of their proceeds to first responders. So get in touch with your local wineries, join their newsletters, follow them on social, buy gift cards, and even considering signing up for their Wine Club.

Four ways to support Local, think global, and #SipGlocal, all from the comfort of your home:

We hope to help steer you toward your next glass, bottle, or case of Washington wine. We are also here to encourage you to support whatever local means to you, because if we don't do what we can right now to support our local wineries, restaurants, and small businesses, there won't be a global one when this is "all over." Check in with your favorite Washington wineries to see what they are doing to support local and think global, or what we like to call #SipGlocal.

We'll get through this the same way we got here: together. One sip at a time.