These bottles include debuts, risk takers, or creations that simply deliver astounding quality or value. Best of all, most are obtainable.

Leonetti Cellar Aglianico Serra Pedace Vineyard Walla Walla Valley 2013 $75 ◆

It’s a big deal when one of the state’s founding wine families adds a bottle to its lineup. Especially when it’s a grape almost exclusive to southern Italy. The first example of aglianico to come out of Walla Walla Valley is aged a whopping 44 months (12 to 24 is common for reds) in a combination of French oak and amphorae, the ancient clay vessels recently embraced again by modern winemakers. The result brings the firm tannins and high acid this variety is known for, not to mention the quality inherent to Leonetti.

21 Grams Columbia Valley 2013 $125 ◆

Often when you taste a wine there’s a distinct beginning, middle, and end. Really well-balanced wines, like this one, exist as a smooth line; components like acid, tannins, and oak hang together the entire time and persist long after you’ve taken a sip. It’s not easy to do. Fruit from Cold Creek, Windrow, and Stone Tree vineyards goes into this bottle, which is far more refined than a typical Bordeaux-style blend from the state.

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