A Taste of (Taste) Washington: a digital showcase (2 of 7)

We asked ten wineries from around the state how they would describe Washington wine in one word, as well as what makes them unique. Their answers? See below. Make sure to visit their sites & follow them on social to get to know them better.

Digby, Winery Dog @ Sol Stone Winery


Westport Winery

Sol Stone Winery

JB Neufeld

Devison Vintners

Goose Ridge Estates


Gard Vintners

AniChe Cellars

Tertulia Cellars

Lagana Cellars

Harvest crew @ Sol Stone Winery


Aberdeen, WA

"We were going to launch Nitro#Lit at Taste of Washington. Nitro#Lit is the first nitrogenated wine in the US. The use of nitrogen, just like in beer and coffee, creates the opposite effect of carbonating. Instead of fizzy bubbles it's all about creamy smoothness. Each can holds a half a bottle of wine, but in a convenient, go anywhere, kind of can. Nitro#Lit is available as a classic white Washington Riesling, a deep dark Washington Syrah, and a lively little blush that is a blend of Washington Gewürztraminer, Riesling and, wait for it, Merlot. 

Westport Winery is one of the top ten platinum earning wineries in the Northwest, its Sea Glass Grill was voted number two winery restaurant in the US, and it was named one of the top twenty most admired wineries in North America. To taste these wines you can visit Westport Winery Garden Resort halfway between Aberdeen and Westport on the Washington Coast or Westport Winery Seaside on the Oregon Coast. Westport crafts over thirty wines to pair with food, friends and fun. The 500 medals from international competitions assure guests that quality is the top priority as we partner with the best vineyards in the state." Website | @westportwinery

Woodinville, WA

"We thought when we started a winery it would be all about the wine.  We’ve discovered through our wine club, fellow wineries, and vineyards that it’s more about the friendships and relationships both business and personal." Website | @solstonewine

Yakima, WA

"The story goes that wine legend Andre Tchelistcheff was overheard saying, “One day the greatest Cab Sauv will come from Washington.” We totally agree and we want to make those Cabernets that will stand the test of time and help solidify #WAwine as some of the best in the world. Our wines are for today, but perhaps more importantly our wines are for tomorrow. We believe in the unlimited potential of Washington-grown wines, as a collective industry we are just beginning to find the perfect Cab Sauv growing sites and just beginning to push the limits on the possibilities of these wines." Website | @jbneufeld


"Devison is a husband and wife team. Started from scratch, by hand, this is our combined vision of winemaking — spontaneous, untouched, heart and palate driven. We were looking forward to celebrating our official launch at Taste Washington, in the heart of our community, among new and old friends. While our hearts are slightly broken this amazing event had to be canceled, we are moving forward strong and ready to launch virtually! Our website is live and taking orders for direct shipment, wine club and newsletter sign ups! We would love to get to know you over social, email or phone. Get in touch at www.devisonvintners.com and if you come to Walla Walla make sure to drop us a line!" @devison_vintners

Richland, WA

"As a third-generation farming family from the heart of Washington state, we believe that we don’t farm for this generation, but for the next one. (fourth generation is coming up the ranks). 

We have 2,200 acres of estate vineyards and an additional 800 acres of cherry and apple orchards. The Monson family exudes homegrown generosity and graciousness and they’ve extended that to each of our tasting rooms with a family-like setting that encourages our guests to relax with friends and family. It’s our goal to create a casual and inviting space where our guests can get to know our wine and cider offerings and take them home to share with their own family and friends. Build those #WAwine ambassadors." Website | @gooseridgewines

Walla Walla, WA

"I know our Tranche team is committed to producing world-class wine and never cutting corners because we love what we do. But we are also committed to our Walla Walla community, and even more-so the Washington wine community as a whole. I would say this is something every Washington winery could say about their brand. 

Tranche is a French word meaning slice. While our wines are like a slice of life, our brand literally is a slice of the Washington wine community. Our wines are all Estate wines, three of which utilize Rhône varietals to create unique blends that you can’t typically find – you have to try our Pape Blanc!" Website | @tranche_estates

Underwood, WA

"AniChe Cellars is a family winery led by female inspired badassery. Our alchemy of unique wine blends, passion to foster diversity in wines and within our community, and authentic feel-good location without pretense sets us apart. Our wines win awards and scores, but we make wine for the people." Website | @anichecellars

Walla Walla, WA

"There’s a story behind that barn on the front of every bottle of Gård Vintners. It represents Gård, meaning “farm” or “estate” and is a tribute to our family’s Scandinavian heritage and farming tradition. For over 50 years we’ve built a farm, a family, a home, and a world-class estate vineyard – and with every sip of Gård wines we hope you’re cultivating memories, as well. We invite you to learn more @gardvintners."

Walla Walla, WA

"Tertulia is focused on celebrating “Diversity” everyday.  Our program is focused on celebrating our 3 unique Estate vineyards & terroirs in every vintage. From the sandy silty soils of the Whistling Hills, to the basalt lined cliffs of Elevation Vineyard and including the Stones of Riviere Galets Vineyard.  Every bottle has it’s mission.  Lead by R2 (Ryan Raber, Winemaker & Ryan Driver, Vineyard Manager) this program is now celebrating 15 years with their Circle of Friends and looking forward to a month long celebration of Washington Wine Month, followed by the inaugural Walla Walla Wine Month in April.

Tertulia Cellar's aim is “Elegantly approachable wines for the sophisticated palate.” We practice careful control with consistency and sustainability from Grape to Glass.  We continue that philosophy to our guest experience in all three of our locations throughout the Pacific NW. Always understanding that it is the relationships and the wine that tell the true story of who we are.  Tertulia, your Circle of Friends." Website | @tertuliacellars

Walla Walla, WA

"There is an amazing collaboration among Washington winemakers that provides a supportive community which helps push our wines to a higher level, but it's our individuality that sets us apart from one another. With the ability to find support from the many brilliant people in our wine industry, but still forge a path that is completely our own - we have the opportunity to create something truly unique in wine, where the individuality of each winemaker is made to shine. To us, that's what makes Washington wines so compelling. 

Lagana Cellars, a small boutique winery in Walla Walla, was brought about by the long friendship between Jason Fox, a scientist, and Todd Bernave, an artist. Our intensely collaborative approach to winemaking balances our intuitive creativity with the scientific boundaries of the grapes - where different yeast combinations, levels of stem inclusion, and fermentation management are based on strengths and weaknesses of the varietal. Having two owners and two winemakers can be tricky, but our open and collaborative style allows us to push and pull one another to elevate our wines. At the end of the day we're looking to produce terroir-driven wines that are elegant and unique. We're small, we're passionate, and we'd love to fill your glass with something delicious!" Website | @laganacellars

Stay tuned for the next 10 featured wineries. In the meantime, stay safe, be healthy, do what you can to support your local wineries, restaurants, and neighbors.